2015 Sparking Seduire

A$ 17.00 / bottle

This mysteriously attractive sparkling, streaming with tiny pink bubbles, is refreshing, crisp and fruity.

Seduire a French word meaning – to allure, to tempt, to seduce, to charm, to win a heart.

Two labels in this range, Sparkling and Still.

A Sophisticated Sparkling that’s not afraid to have fun. Taste it for yourself – one sip will send your taste buds on quite the adventure. It is a dry crisp sparkling.

And so it is with this mysteriously attractive Sauvignon Blanc. It has caught a glimpse of the noble red Shiraz and will tempt and seduce till the very last drop. Streaming with tiny pink bubbles it is refreshing, crisp and fruity. It’s colour can only be described as beautiful with lots of glamour.

Perfect for the warmer weather.