A successful integration of the vineyard into our farming operation

Jaeschkes Hill River Clare Estate is part of our family farming business where we can add to the diversification of our enterprises that make up our business.

Based in the Hill River and Polish Hill River districts, near Clare, our farming business includes a cropping and livestock regime, sheep feedlot, poultry business, vineyard, export hay processing plant, domestic hay, lucerne and small seeds.

This mix of enterprises enables us to value-add the products we produce.

This diversification has helped create a sustainable model by reducing enterprise costs and maximising overall returns for our family.

We use sustainable farming methods where possible, including direct drilling or no-till farming, as well as retaining straw.

Our poultry enterprise was set up to add value to the cropping program, with the bonus of a guaranteed supply of chicken litter as fertiliser.

It also provided a use for the straw as bedding in the sheds which is cut and baled after the cereal crop comes off.

The litter, which is used as fertiliser on the vineyard and cereal crops, is improving soil health and increasing the level of micron nutrients.

We run 4,000 Leachim-blood Merino breeding ewes, which graze non-arable country through winter and are run into stubble paddocks in the summer and autumn months to help control weeds.

The vineyard is integrated with the other enterprises, providing grazing for sheep during the winter and run-off from parts of our land used to irrigate the vines.

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