Seduire Release Photos

When I sampled the Seduire for the first time it had the “Wow – this is nice” factor to it. It kept tempting me back to trying some more. It’s colour can only be described as beautiful with lots of glamour.

Sample tastings were available at our cellar door over the 2015 Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend. The ladies liked it and wanted a sparkling. The gents – not to be left out – liked it but without the bubbles. Many ideas and suggestions were made on what the wine could be called over the weekend.

Sabrina Taylor's Sketches

Sabrina Taylor’s Sketches

So the beginnings of the Seduire label were set in place.

This French word means allure, attract, tempt, seduce, to charm, to win a heart. With the words “tempting” and “beautiful” it reminded me of a quote by an unknown author, that I had heard many years ago:-

“I love it when I catch you looking at me.
Then you smile and look away.”

I first asked Sabrina Taylor if she could draw for me our beautiful lady and her sketches are shown here for you to see. They are really stunning. Sabrina’s sketches were then sent to Nahum Ziersch who put our beautiful lady into a label.

We now have a Sparkling and a Still wine for you to enjoy and have fun with. It is rich and alluring in colour and also refreshing, crisp and fruity.

Be tempted and let it win your heart.