The highlight of the awards is the amazing win we have had with our Jaeschkes Hill River Clare Estate Riesling 2013 at the 2015 Sydney International Wine Competition.
We are a TOP BLUE GOLD Award Winner in the top 100 with this wine. JUDGED with FOOD Award Winners are not just judged for technical correctness. Additionally, they are judged again for their harmony and balance, key to their ability to complement appropriate food dishes.
Our Award Certificate will be held with high esteem as is our 2013 Riesling Winner.
The 2015 Competition’s Judging Panel consisted of 14 judges, 3 from SA, 5 from NSW, 1 from Victoria, 3 from New Zealand, 1 from United Kingdom and 1 from USA.
The Competition’s 2015 website, with a full page about our Award win, its front label, and several of the Judges’ independent comments about our wine, plus the Chief Judge’s Report, the Judges’ Resumes and some of their Reflections on the 2015 Competition, will be launched early in the New year.

The 20th Clare Wine show.
Gold medal for our 2014 Riesling
Silver medal for our 2013 Riesling
Bronze for our Sav/Blanc.
These wins to us are just wonderful.